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Fibroblast Skin Tightening

Fibroblast skin tightening is the only cosmetic treatment to use plasma to reduce the volume of excess skin. Low risk, minimal downtime and more affordable than surgery. Fibroblast Treatment is known for its success with Non-Surgical Eye Lifts, Tummy Tightening, Neck Tightening and so much more.

Results may last up to two years, but just like anything else that’s used to treat aging, the procedure can be re-done annually. Results are usually seen immediately after your first session with a healing time of 7-10 days, however, full results are more noticeable in 8 weeks after your skin under the epidermis has healed.

Fibroblast is fairly new to the beauty industry in the US, but has been popular for many years in Europe. The device that is used is FDA approved and a precisely accurate handheld device that works by utilizing the voltage in the air between its tip and the natural gasses emitted from our skin, to form a plasma charge (hence the name plasma skin tightening).

A small electrical charge is created and instantly shrinks the targeted skin. The skins tissue immediately tightens giving you, youthful-looking skin.

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Fibroblasting can be used to treat a number of area’s, such as:

  • Eyelids, which includes the under eyes and excess upper eyelid skin.

  • Skin imperfections, such as skin tags and sunspots.

  • Improving the look of scars, especially acne scars.

  • Loose skin on the abdomen caused by pregnancy.

  • Nasolabial folds, aka laugh lines around the mouth area.

  • Jowls and Neck Tightening.

  • Access skin on the knee caps

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Fibroblasting is considered more than a skin tightening treatment, while the volume of the skin is actually reduced, results can last up to two years. Similar to surgical and cosmetic procedures, the effects of fibroblasting are not entirely permanent and unfortunately, does not stop any further aging, bummer! However, positive results do have lasting results depending on the areas treated.  Results from treatment will be noticeable immediately after your first treatment, but the final results will be revealed after 8 weeks. Depending on the treatment and area(s) being treated an additional treatment may be required but only after 8 weeks to see full results. No more than two treatments are required. In addition to long-lasting results, our lifestyle plays a big part that can prevent our results from lasting, such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and increased sun exposure, etc… WEAR YOUR SPF!!!


It will vary as each individual is different. Some things that are taken into consideration, is the age of the client, your skin’s elasticity, how your skin responds to the procedure, as well as the desired correction to the area. Most clients will instantly see results and will continue to do so over the course of 8 weeks. Further treatments can possibly be done to get better results, however, it is highly uncommon to need more than two treatments.


Fibroblasting has been proven to be safe due to it being non-invasive only when done by a certified technician. The majority of clients are likely to experience some minor side effects in the 7-10 days following treatment.

There will be tiny carbon crusts similar to little polkadots on and around the treated area that will generally last 7-10 days before naturally lifting and falling off, this will then reveal new pink skin underneath. Swelling is common when treating the eye area and is to be expected for a few days following especially when treating the upper eyelid. To avoid any serious side effects such as hyperpigmentation, it is crucial to follow the aftercare recommendations given to you by your technician.

Fibroblast Treatment is not advised for those with very dark skin. This is because there is a higher risk of hyperpigmentation (dark spots) or hypopigmentation (light spots) following treatment.

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